What You Need to Know About Trans Fats

There has been a lot of hype in recent years about trans fats. Most folks understand that trans fats are not good for them, but do not actually know what trans fats are, how they harm the body, and what foods contain trans fats. Allow me to provide details about trans fats, including how you can avoid them and protect yourself from the damage they can do.


Sweat Away your Stress

You’ve probably heard that regular exercise can have all sorts of healthful benefits: general fitness, better sleep, reduced incidence of depression, increased self-esteem, and lower stress levels. It’s funny that physical activity, that produces many of the same ‘symptoms’ as stress (increased cardiovascular activity, decreased gastrointestinal activity, and similar neurotransmitters are released to name a few) could be used so effectively as a coping mechanism. Here are a few theories about why this may be.

11 Reasons to Sleep More

Work. Family. Housework. Sports. Errands. Appointments. Who has time to sleep a full night? A couple cups of coffee will keep you on your toes anyway, right? The fact is sleep may be more important than you realize. If you have been having trouble losing weight, sleep deprivation could be the cause. A major reason for this is that sleep affects hormone production in the body. Our workouts are also strongly affected by sleep.

Three Steps to Eating Healthier on the Go

 The hustle and bustle of the average American day makes it hard to resist the convenience of high fat fast food and prepackaged convenience foods. With fast food chains on every corner of the commute and the abundance of prepackaged items at every gas station, it is not surprising that many people find themselves overindulging in high fat, high calorie, sugar and sodium laden choices that do little to provide nutrition and energy for the busy day. Curb the urge to succumb to the plethora of junk food available in three easy steps.


Common Dieting Mistakes

How frustrating it can be to work hard at sticking to a diet, only to wonder why the scale won’t budge. I’m here to tell you about some one of the most common mistakes people make while dieting, so that you can avoid those mistakes. By avoiding these common mistakes you can watch the scale steadily drop and your waistline shrink. In fact, dieting may actually be easier than you think. Dieting does not need to be made overly complicated, nor does it need to involve deprivation. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes.


Five Simple Ways to Address and Avoid Depression

Because life is becoming much more complicated than before, so many people are now suffering from depression. What makes it worse is that some people who do suffer from this illness refuse to seek help because they feel they will be mocked or considered crazy. Because of this fear, they opt to deal with it alone and end up having a higher tendency of developing a more serious and chronic form of the illness.


If you feel that you may be on the brink of depression, there are some things you can do to address your problem. A few of the most effective things you can do are discussed below:


Secrets to Low Carb Success: Tips for Surviving the Low Carb Transition

Congratulations! You’ve made the important decision to improve your health and happiness by starting a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Millions of people just like you have increased the length and quality of their lives by taking the same step. The next step, actually making the change, may have an astoundingly wonderful effect on your mind and body… if you can survive the transition.


How to Wake Up in the Morning

Do you have a perpetual love-hate relationship with your snooze alarm? Do you find yourself in a fog until 10:00 A.M.? If you’re not a morning person, the task of waking up at 7:00 A.M. can be one of the greatest challenges of the day. While you may never reach the point of springing out of bed at the sound of the alarm clock, you can make waking up in the morning easier by making a few simple changes. Here are some ideas for taking the sting out of waking up: